“Once you stop learning, you start dying.”

- Albert Einstein


Learning is a lifelong commitment for all of us in Medicine. Life itself, especially in healthcare, is a Classroom, and as healthcare providers, we see so many aspects of it in our work.   At Classroom4doctors, our goal is to encourage all our colleagues in healthcare to Live with Integrity, Learn to educate ourselves, each other & our patients, and to become respected Leaders in better clinical care for our communities.

Classroom4doctors (C4D) was founded by a group of volunteer non-GP and GP specialists. The idea came about in 2015 when we became heavily involved in educational events for doctors, mostly run by corporate healthcare providers and pharmaceutical/surgical equipment companies. We were presenting topics ranging from skin cancer surgery, pain management, trauma courses, as well as non-clinical topics such as discussion of medicolegal cases, private practice pearls, building resilience and much more. Initially, C4D was an informal blog site we maintained for the medical community to find out which local educational events we were teaching at.  We were not running educational events on our own and at times were frustrated by the limitations placed on us as educators by the organisations which ran these events.

During COVID-19, C4D developed online webinars, which were run by some of us as individuals and we realised that we have the capacity to develop medical education programs without corporate support and we were able to facilitate CME points for various continuing professional development programs.

Thus, over the last 3 years, C4D evolved to become an independent medical education provider. It is now an organisation that fosters connection, through education, between primary healthcare providers with hospital-based specialties. We run clinical and non-clinical workshops/seminars, as well as online webinars throughout the year.  Our events are focussed on education with the latest up-to-date practice, and are independent of corporate health industries. These allow us to present unbiased educational material which are not influenced by commercial or financial incentives.

Our events are provided for medical, nursing and allied health professionals. Our programs are run by healthcare providers for healthcare providers, and accredited with selected CPD homes. Our organisation does not receive any sponsorship and offered to our community healthcare providers at cost price. Our educators are volunteers who generously share their time and expertise. C4D events are not only learning opportunities but also networking events for the larger healthcare community. 

Classroom4doctors is not just an organisation. It is a community fostered by healthcare providers for healthcare providers. It relies heavily on your feedback, what you want to learn and your ongoing interest in the events we publish. So, don’t be a stranger, let us know if you think there is an area with a need for further education, we will endeavour to find educational resources and expert facilitators that may improve healthcare delivery to the community.

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Well, enough said, we hope to see you in Class!


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