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Clinical courses

Our clinical courses are educational events developed to provide clinical updates on the latest developments, treatment options, knowledge and technology in a wide variety of specialties and areas of medicine. Each year, we aim to bring you full-day events which gather specialists from multiple disciplines, providing their expert knowledge in a day packed with information. Please note that these courses are delivered at the level of medical professionals, but nursing and allied health staff are also welcome to attend.

Live education clinical courses are great for mingling with colleagues, talking to hospital specialists and networking with experts in different fields. These educational days are not only learning opportunities, but they also foster communication between community primary care providers and those in hospital-based specialties. 

The webinars  are 60 minute seminars on specific topics. These will vary depending on availability of our presenters. These are designed to facilitate education for those who are time-poor and have special interest in certain areas. 

Clinical Courses Available

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