Medicolegal Workshop For Clinical Practice (May)


Our Medicolegal Workshop is a great resource for all practising health professionals, regardless of your current career level. It explores your legal obligations as a health professional in all areas of clinical practice, and helps you to navigate pitfalls that are seen regularly in indemnity claims. Most importantly, the workshop will help you to become a safer clinician with a more effective and ethical clinical practice.

This workshop is completely interactive and requires critical self-appraisal. Due to the sensitive nature of these discussions, the workshop is designed for a small group, so places are limited. There will be opportunities to ask questions anonymously if preferred and no recording will be allowed.

The day is divided up into 5 sessions, 2 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.

Session 1: 8.30am – 10.00am

Good Clinical Practice: Lessons from Medical Negligence

We will explore the meaning of medical negligence: looking at negligence laws and what it means from a clinical perspective. Unlike the usual medicolegal lectures, where the emphasise can be on avoidance of litigation and defensive medicine, we are going to explore this topic from a clinician’s point of view, and how good ethical clinical practice is naturally a preventative measure against litigations. All of this is discussed with interesting landmark cases which established these laws and illustrated the application of the law to clinical scenarios. This workshop will show you how to improve your risk profile and become as safer health practitioner.


Session 2: 10.30am – 12pm

What is Consent? Function in Clinical Practice vs Requirements in Law

What is a consent? What constitutes an adequate legal consent? How is this different to what we actually do in our clinical practice. We will explore the legal elements and the functions of a consent. We explore what constitutes an ‘adequate’ consent in the common law, using interesting landmark cases that have established these laws. There will be a discussion on capacity and alternative authorities for consent. We will look at what constitutes a good consent, both legally and medically,

whilst navigating the practical issues in obtaining consent in today’s clinical practice.


Session 3: 12.30pm – 1.15pm

Rules of Engagement: Privacy Laws & Regulations in Medical Advertising & Social Media

This session is a must for any AHPRA-regulated health profession who has a public profile, and engages in any form of media, from Instagram, Facebook, print advertising, to media commentary. Even if you are not involved with social media, this session has proven to be one of the most entertaining sessions with infamous cases where professional misconduct is an understatement, to how we can inadvertently cross the line in our daily social media interactions. The Australian legal framework for medical advertising is a lot more stringent than many other countries, and attempts to work around the ethical issues of commercialisation of medicine. This seminar looks at the legislations and regulations associated with Medical Advertising to ensure that your social media and marketing contents are not breaking the law. We will also do an overview of the privacy laws, exploring the pertinent legislations and regulations – what it means in clinical practice.


Session 4: 1.20pm – 2.10pm

Privacy Laws, Patient Charts & Documentation

Documentation is the crux of medicolegal defence. This seminar covers not only what is good documentation, why it is important, and how can we do it so that it does not impede our clinical efficiency.

In an overview of the privacy laws that governs our professional conduct and the way we store patient data, we will explore the pertinent legislations and regulations – what it means in clinical practice, who and how patient charts can be accessed.


Session 5: 2.30pm – 3.45pm

Complaint Handling: Who, What, When, Why and How

Handling patient complaints can be stressful, hurtful, frustrating and demoralising. This session looks at both written and verbal complaints. We will provide a practical framework so that you can learn an effective way to construct a response, and minimise possible consequences of complaints.



This workshop is presented at a level suitable for all health professionals and practising clinicians. If the workshop is fully subscribed and you would like to be placed on a waitlist – please email



Your registration will include morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea with hot & cold beverages.



This course will provide you with 8 hours of CPD/CME points including self-assessment, peer-review, small group learning and performance appraisal.

This course is accredited by ACRRM for 8 PDP hours


Your Facilitator:


Dr Lily Vrtik graduated from University of Western Australia in 1999. She undertook her surgical training in both WA and Queensland. She qualified as a specialist plastic surgeon in 2009. Apart from a busy private practice based in Brisbane’s northside, she also holds a public position at Princess

Alexandra Hospital. Clinically, Lily subspecialises in breast surgery and cancer reconstructive surgery. As a reserve specialist in the Royal Australian Airforce, she also has had sub-specialty training in acute trauma, trauma reconstruction and burns surgery. 

Lily has special interest in the medicolegal arena. She completed her Masters in Health Law at the prestigious University of Sydney (Sydney Law School) with a special interest in Bioethics, Medical Marketing and Health Professional Regulations. She currently holds a position in one of the major medical indemnity companies as both risk assessor and advisor, as well as provide independent reports on complex issues/practitioners for both public and private health regulatory bodies.

Having spent most of her former life as a piano teacher before Medicine, Lily continues her enthusiasm for teaching. She is regularly involved in educational sessions from clinical topics, medicolegal seminars to life-skill workshops for all levels of health professionals. Her aim in education is to make learning material relevant as well as interesting, so that her audience walks away with the motivation to improve.



  • $395 Medical Practitioners 
  • $355 Nursing & Allied Health 





Venue:Inchcolm Hotel
Venue Address:73 Wickham Terrace Spring Hill QLD 4005
Starting:8:00 AM
Saturday 25th May 2024
Ending:4:00 PM

Medicolegal Workshop For Clinical Practice (May)

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