Medicolegal Pitfalls in a Skin Cancer Practice

This is a 40-minute webinar on common medicolegal pitfalls in skin cancer practice, particularly in the community in both GP and non-GP specialist setting. We will look into areas of most complaints and indemnity claims, as well as explore strategies to mitigate these risks. The discussion will include the standard of care expected in a skin cancer clinical practice and the practical aspects to meet these standards. This session will also include an overview on the Medicare item numbers used in skin cancer surgery, as misuse and Medicare audits are not uncommon in skin cancer practices. The webinar will allow 10-15 minutes for questions which can be asked anonymously.

Cost: FREE

Where: Online Zoom Webinar



This 40-minute webinar will be presented by Dr Lily Vrtik, a Brisbane plastic surgeon who subspecialises in skin cancer surgery. Dr Vrtik has a strong background in the medicolegal arena with over 7 years of experience in medical indemnity and health regulation. She obtained a Masters of Health Law from the University of Sydney in 2022.

This free webinar is sponsored by Classroom4Doctors and is open to all medical and nursing practitioners in Australia. If you are unable to attend the event live, you will be sent a link for the recording which you will be able to view up to 14 days after the event. Registration will close on midday Monday 20th May.

Venue:Zoom Online
Starting:6:00 PM
Wednesday 22nd May 2024
Ending:7:00 PM

Medicolegal Pitfalls in a Skin Cancer Practice

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